3 Qualities of a Great Law Student

There are many qualities you should possess to be a great law student, especially if you want to eventually become a great Los Angeles personal injury attorney. These qualities are the same as those of a great lawyer. Sharpening these qualities when in law school will surely get you through to your graduation and your career in law. With that said, these are some of the attributes that make a great law student:


A great law student is analytical. This attribute is important because in school, there is a lot of reading. A great student should have the ability to dilute what he or she is reading into information that is manageable and digestible. Analytical skills are not enough, a law student should also be able to think and act logically. There will be many situations where the student will be required to analyze a situation and come up with realistic solutions. For example, if you are training to be something more specialized like a dog bit attorney, your analytical and logical skills will sharpen eventually preparing you to become a great lawyer in the future.

Excellent communication skills

It is part of a lawyer’s job to constantly communicate. This means that he or she has to possess very well-horned communication skills regardless of whether it is written, oral, or listening. You need to be great at note-taking and outlining as these two skills are what will take you through your time in school. Also, you need to be great at public speaking as this will be constantly tested as a law student. Horning your communication skills is important as it will be among the factors that determine your success in the future as a lawyer.


When you think about law, creativity is not the first thing that comes to your mind. But the truth of the matter is it is part and parcel of being a great lawyer. A good student has to be a creative problem solver. You will have to be able to think outside the box and come up with solutions that others would not have come up with easily. Be curious to know new things as this will highlight your strengths to your professor and make you stand out from your classmates.

There are many more traits that a good law student should posses. These three are among them. Therefore, make sure you sharpen these skills in school.