3 Qualities of a Great Law Student

There are many qualities you should possess to be a great law student, especially if you want to eventually become a great Los Angeles personal injury attorney. These qualities are the same as those of a great lawyer. Sharpening these qualities when in law school will surely get you through to your graduation and your career in law. With that said, these are some of the attributes that make a great law student:


A great law student is analytical. This attribute is important because in school, there is a lot of reading. A great student should have the ability to dilute what he or she is reading into information that is manageable and digestible. Analytical skills are not enough, a law student should also be able to think and act logically. There will be many situations where the student will be required to analyze a situation and come up with realistic solutions. For example, if you are training to be something more specialized like a dog bit attorney, your analytical and logical skills will sharpen eventually preparing you to become a great lawyer in the future.

Excellent communication skills

It is part of a lawyer’s job to constantly communicate. This means that he or she has to possess very well-horned communication skills regardless of whether it is written, oral, or listening. You need to be great at note-taking and outlining as these two skills are what will take you through your time in school. Also, you need to be great at public speaking as this will be constantly tested as a law student. Horning your communication skills is important as it will be among the factors that determine your success in the future as a lawyer.


When you think about law, creativity is not the first thing that comes to your mind. But the truth of the matter is it is part and parcel of being a great lawyer. A good student has to be a creative problem solver. You will have to be able to think outside the box and come up with solutions that others would not have come up with easily. Be curious to know new things as this will highlight your strengths to your professor and make you stand out from your classmates.

There are many more traits that a good law student should posses. These three are among them. Therefore, make sure you sharpen these skills in school.

Legal Jurisdiction of different US Courts

Legal JurisdictionBefore taking up a case for hearing, the judge has to decide whether it falls within the jurisdiction of the court. Without the power of authority over the persons, things and territories related to the case, the judge lacks the authority to hear the case. Jurisdiction also refers to the political authority of a government over a geographical area. Unless a court has legal jurisdiction over the subject matter, person and territory, the case cannot be heard in that court. Even if the case is heard and a judgment is delivered, it can be contested successfully on the ground that the court lacked jurisdiction. For this reason it is important to file a case in the right court.

Subject jurisdiction takes priority over personal jurisdiction. The court must have jurisdiction over both the person and the subject of the case. For example, only a federal court has authority to accept cases related to immigration and patent disputes. On the other hand, a local bankruptcy court has complete jurisdiction over the bankruptcy case of a local business. Even when a business has minimal contact with the State, the state court has jurisdiction over it. For example, an online seller operating from state A can be sued by its customer from state B if the seller sold a product to that customer. The case can be filed in the customer’s state. The seller has contact with the customer’s state and comes under its jurisdiction. In divorce cases, lawsuits related to custody and visitation rights can be filed only in the state where the divorce case was filed.

A court’s jurisdiction can be limited even by the amount of money involved in the business dispute. The states determine the monetary limit in the small claim cases. When a dispute involves only a small monetary value, it can be heard only in small claims court. While most cases are filed in the state courts, there are some cases that are heard in the federal courts. These cases relate to disputes between states, federal laws, US treaties and US constitution. US tax courts have jurisdiction over federal and IRS tax cases.

What US Voters should Know about Voting Laws?

US VotersOver the years, there have been many amendments in the constitution to improve the voting laws. These laws govern who is eligible to vote and how people can vote in US elections. Article 1 of the Constitution fixed the responsibility of managing federal elections by states. Since then there have been various constitutional amendments to ensure every American is able to vote. The 15th Amendment to the Constitution allowed African Americans to vote but they were unable to exercise their rights to vote for the next 100 years. States used various tactics like literacy tests and poll taxes to deny them the right to vote. All these barriers were removed when in 1965 the Voting Rights Act was introduced.

American women got the voting right in 1920 with the ratification of 19th Amendment to the Constitution. In 1964, 24th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified to remove polling taxes which prevented African American citizens from voting. The voting age was lowered to 18 in 1971 through the 26th Amendment to the Constitution. Various federal laws have been passed to safeguard the rights of citizens to vote. Civil Right Act passed in 1870 and amended several times in later years has been ratified to ensure there is no discrimination in voting. This Act protects a citizen’s right to vote.

To protect the rights of disabled people, special provisions were introduced in 1984 through Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act. It requires polling centers to make adequate arrangements so that people with disabilities can vote without problem. A large number of armed force members are stationed on overseas bases. To allow them voting by mail, The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act was ratified in 1986. This act ensures overseas voters and members of US armed forces can vote. To make it easier for the people to register in the voter lists, National Voter Registration Act was passed in 1993.

In two-thirds of American states, voters are required to show some type of identification document before they are allowed to vote. Each state has its voter ID requirements. It is important for the voters to know these details before visiting the polling center for voting. All these laws have improved and refined voting practices.

Complying with Small Business Laws

Small Business LawsEven when you are planning to start a small local company, or have an established local business, like Richard Wojciks, a funeral chapel owner, you have to be careful about several laws that govern businesses in your area. You have to comply with all such laws. You will need services of different types of lawyers at every stage of business operation. Your business plan must take into account the laws related to your industry. Some types of businesses cannot be started at a particular location. Your business plan is a roadmap document that outlines how you plan to start and run your business. Make sure your business plan complies with local small business laws. Contact Myles Haverluck tax to see if your business is eligible for any tax cuts.

In the next step, you have to establish the business structure. Contracts signed at this stage play an important role in avoiding disputes with partners and investors. Is it a solo proprietorship business, partnership business or a limited liability company? It may be a cooperative or corporation company. Take help of a lawyer who helps structure your business in the right way. It will allow you to register your business without any difficulty. You should register not only your business but also your business name and logos that hold brand importance. Your business must be registered with all government departments that relate to your area of operation.

You have to obtain all types of licenses and permits. There are different types of rebates and subsidies available to small scale businesses. Take help of a consultant who has information on all such incentives. Your business must meet local, State and federal environmental regulations. You have to abide by the terms and conditions of the financial contracts. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure workplace safety of your workers. If you will be storing information of your customers or clients, you have to comply with privacy laws.

There is a whole set of employment and labor laws. Financial laws govern your financial relationship with investors, partners, businesses and customers. When you are planning to advertise or market, your advertising content must meet advertising and marketing laws. Study the basics of all such laws before starting your business. Take help of legal experts and professional consultants where necessary. It will help you avoid lots of trouble in future.

Drug Laws Across the USA are Changing

Once seen as a gateway drug lacking any positive value, the natural herb known as marijuana has recently made it into many state and federal law books as a medicinal and recreational product, like prescriptions picked up from pharmacist Myles Haverluck. The marijuana legalization movement has been gaining momentum for decades, and has existed for even longer.

Drug LawsAs more research appears, more is learned about the positive effects of the plant’s use. According to the United States Drug Policy Alliance, the plant known to many as weed, pot, or herb is favored for legalization by over half of the country. In fact, the alliance itself states the recommendation that the herb be removed from the criminal justice system and should instead be regulated in the same way as alcohol and tobacco.

Legal marijuana has become a reality, at least in part, in over 15 states, with 26 states allowing medical use with a prescription, and at least 7 allowing adult recreational use.

Among reasons given by those in favor of deregulation are as follows:

Promote equality and reduce corruption – The criminalization of use disproportionately harms people of color, young people, and the sick, and also leads to massive levels of violence, corruption, which can even lead to death, according to Richard Wojcik.

Economic Growth – We would be able to take advantage of one of the nation’s largest cash crops via regulation. It is believed that this will create jobs and economic opportunities in the formal economy, rather than on the black market.

Save money- Law enforcement resources are scarce, and could be better applied to ensuring public safety, while reducing court costs and costs of correctional facilities. State and local governments would see significantly more tax dollars due to this reallocation of funds from the legal sale of marijuana.

Increase consumer safety – Product testing is a standard requirement for states in which the plant is legal, thus consumers are better informed and receive a safer product.

Things will continue to change under the current and future administrations, and we can all follow along to see what becomes of American usage among adults, teens, children, and the effects on an addiction recovery centre. Consumers and law makers should continue to stay alert and aware of the regulations in their particular state.

Drug Crime Attorney Winnipeg

Drug Crime AttorneyThe most common types of criminal cases prosecuted in courts across the country are drug-related. Possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of large quantities of drugs meant for distribution, manufacture and distribution of methamphetamine and marijuana possession are some of the most common drug offenses. If you are ever arrested and charged with any of these types of crimes, it is crucial you hire the best drug crime attorney Winnipeg has to offer.

Penalties for Drug Offenses

It is important to note that the quantities of drugs a person is arrested with will determine the type of charges that will be imposed on them. If you are found with a small quantity of marijuana, cocaine or any other controlled substance, you will face a felony charge, but you will most likely get a few days or months in jail and/or a small fine. However, if there is intent to distribute, you can expect to spend several years in jail for possession. The severity of penalties increase with the quantity of drugs a person is caught with.

Since you do not want to spend a day in jail, you should hire a competent lawyer to represent you in court. If you manage to find a competent lawyer with years of experience in the industry, you may be able to secure your freedom. The following are some of the options your attorney may present to you:

i) Fight the Case to the End

This is usually the best option when the evidence produced by the prosecutor is either insufficient or unreliable. If your attorney is confident about challenging all the evidence in the possession of the prosecutor, they can advice you to fight it out to the end. However, this is a decision that only you can make. If the case does not go your way, you can always appeal the ruling and continue the fight. Please note that most prosecutors normally ask for maximum sentences for defendants who do not want to cooperate with them.

ii) Cooperate with the Police

If you are arrested in possession of controlled substances, there is obviously someone who supplies you with the drugs. The police will want you to cooperate with them to build a strong case against your supplier. In return, the police will drop all charges against you. However, you will be considered a material witness, so you must testify in court. This is still a better deal than going to jail.