Drug Crime Attorney Winnipeg

Drug Crime AttorneyThe most common types of criminal cases prosecuted in courts across the country are drug-related. Possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of large quantities of drugs meant for distribution, manufacture and distribution of methamphetamine and marijuana possession are some of the most common drug offenses. If you are ever arrested and charged with any of these types of crimes, it is crucial you hire the best drug crime attorney Winnipeg has to offer.

Penalties for Drug Offenses

It is important to note that the quantities of drugs a person is arrested with will determine the type of charges that will be imposed on them. If you are found with a small quantity of marijuana, cocaine or any other controlled substance, you will face a felony charge, but you will most likely get a few days or months in jail and/or a small fine. However, if there is intent to distribute, you can expect to spend several years in jail for possession. The severity of penalties increase with the quantity of drugs a person is caught with.

Since you do not want to spend a day in jail, you should hire a competent lawyer to represent you in court. If you manage to find a competent lawyer with years of experience in the industry, you may be able to secure your freedom. The following are some of the options your attorney may present to you:

i) Fight the Case to the End

This is usually the best option when the evidence produced by the prosecutor is either insufficient or unreliable. If your attorney is confident about challenging all the evidence in the possession of the prosecutor, they can advice you to fight it out to the end. However, this is a decision that only you can make. If the case does not go your way, you can always appeal the ruling and continue the fight. Please note that most prosecutors normally ask for maximum sentences for defendants who do not want to cooperate with them.

ii) Cooperate with the Police

If you are arrested in possession of controlled substances, there is obviously someone who supplies you with the drugs. The police will want you to cooperate with them to build a strong case against your supplier. In return, the police will drop all charges against you. However, you will be considered a material witness, so you must testify in court. This is still a better deal than going to jail.