Drug Laws Across the USA are Changing

Once seen as a gateway drug lacking any positive value, the natural herb known as marijuana has recently made it into many state and federal law books as a medicinal and recreational product, like prescriptions picked up from pharmacist Myles Haverluck. The marijuana legalization movement has been gaining momentum for decades, and has existed for even longer.

Drug LawsAs more research appears, more is learned about the positive effects of the plant’s use. According to the United States Drug Policy Alliance, the plant known to many as weed, pot, or herb is favored for legalization by over half of the country. In fact, the alliance itself states the recommendation that the herb be removed from the criminal justice system and should instead be regulated in the same way as alcohol and tobacco.

Legal marijuana has become a reality, at least in part, in over 15 states, with 26 states allowing medical use with a prescription, and at least 7 allowing adult recreational use.

Among reasons given by those in favor of deregulation are as follows:

Promote equality and reduce corruption – The criminalization of use disproportionately harms people of color, young people, and the sick, and also leads to massive levels of violence, corruption, which can even lead to death, according to Richard Wojcik.

Economic Growth – We would be able to take advantage of one of the nation’s largest cash crops via regulation. It is believed that this will create jobs and economic opportunities in the formal economy, rather than on the black market.

Save money- Law enforcement resources are scarce, and could be better applied to ensuring public safety, while reducing court costs and costs of correctional facilities. State and local governments would see significantly more tax dollars due to this reallocation of funds from the legal sale of marijuana.

Increase consumer safety – Product testing is a standard requirement for states in which the plant is legal, thus consumers are better informed and receive a safer product.

Things will continue to change under the current and future administrations, and we can all follow along to see what becomes of American usage among adults, teens, children, and the effects on an addiction recovery centre. Consumers and law makers should continue to stay alert and aware of the regulations in their particular state.